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Danish and DWI stamps and postal history 1870-1905 for sale
(1851-1870 stamps as well)

I have a lot of specialized Danish bi-colours material available for sale. I can, for instance, supply correctly identified copies of all printings of all the Danish bi-colours. I have a number of specialities like pairs with normal and inverted frames, thick frames, rare isolated inverted frames etc. Also, I have rare and high quality postal history available. If you collect this area seriously you owe yourself to send me an e-mail: mou@psyc.queensu.ca

I am in fact not a dealer, but a very advanced collector, who sell some of his "extras". However, my extras probably constitute a better "stock" than any dealer in North America can offer in this area!

Furthermore, I have lots of contacts with friends and dealers in Denmark, so what I do not have as extras, I can probably help find for you!

If you are building an exhibit of this area, I know what it takes!!
I own a Grand Award winning collection of 'Danish postal rates 1875-1906' and a gold medal level traditional exhibit of the Danish bi-colours. As an exhibitor, I am allergic to "padding" (duplication), so if I get two WONDERFUL stamps or covers, but they show the same rate or variety, one HAS to go. Try me out. You will be surprised what I have. Furthermore, I may soon decide to sell my entire holding stamps, since I may switch entirely to postal history for exhibiting purposes. If that happens, you would get access to a bonanza of superb used copies to chose from.

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