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Stamps and postal history
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Welcome to my stamps and postal history pages.

Click here to see Karsten Jensen's registration of Danish letters sent to foreign destinations 1851-1906.
How rare are your Danish covers?

The Danish and DWI bi-colours 1870-1905 introductory page
An introduction to the bicolours - the eight introductory pages from my old traditional exhibit My philatelic CV
The skilling issues Danish cover surveys 1851-1906
Beauties and gems of my postal history exhibit. NEW! Beauties and gems of my traditional exhibit
My most sexy cover! My exhibiting track record

**NEW** lots of very rare material!! **NEW**

Haiti - introductory page
British stamps used in Port-au-Prince, Haiti The mute canceller of St. Thomas
Postal history of Haiti - République Septentrionale The R:S: overprints of Haiti
The first issue of Haiti 1881 The 1898 issue - under construction!

I have been interested in stamps since I was eight years old. First I collected Denmark, Greenland and the Faroes Islands in the traditional way. In 1989, I bought 7,000 bi-colored 8 øre stamps of the 1875 and 1896 edition. This was the initiation of my main area of interest ever since: 'The bi-colored issues of Denmark and the Danish West Indies 1870-1905'. I have exhibited this collection several times as a junior and once as a senior (internationally). Currently, I have two competitive exhibits. One is 'The bi-coloured stamps of Denmark 1870-1905'. This exhibit focusses on classic philately. Postal history is shown via covers franked with stamps of the issue. The second exhibit, which is a postal history exhibit that I developed recently, is called 'Danish Postal Rates 1875-1906'. This exhibit focuses completely on the postal history, which can then be treated in the detail it deserves. This exhibit under a slightly different title got a gold medal at its exhibition debut: ROPEX2000, a national WSP show in Rochester, New York. This was followed up by another gold medal and the GRAND AWARD at INDYPEX2000, another national WSP show. Over the years I have got quite a lot of excess material for trade. If you are interested in trading (buying, selling or exchanging), please contact me via e-mail.

25 øre single on registered FL of 23/2-1875.

Registered letter showing the special conversion
rules from skilling to øre that were used from
1/1-1875 to 31/3-1875. Six known examples.

A survey of Domestic Danish covers

Recently, I initiated a survey of domestic Danish covers franked by Danish stamps 1851-1906. If you have ANY special domestic Danish covers from this period, please send me a photocopy or scan. This survey is inspired by fellow collector and researcher Kasten Jensen, Denmark, who has been surveying foreign destination covers for 20 years. It has recently been put onto the web here. If you have any special Danish covers to foreign destinations, you can also send photocopies/scans to me. Then, I will forward them to Karsten Jensen.

In 1994 I initiated an alternative collection.
The stamps and postal history of Haiti pre 1920. This country is a fasinating collecting area, due to the cronic political unrest, which show itself in nummerous overprints etc. Furthermore, the extremely poor economy led to frequent stamp shortages and 'alternative' contracts with stamp dealers and printers. Genuinely used copies of many of Haiti's issues are a great challenge to locate. Click on the stamp or on the link above to learn more about the philately of Haiti.

If you have any interesting material related to one of my collections, I am a very serious buyer! Please e-mail me on the address below.

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