PuK 2024

Gemeinsamer Workshop
der Fachgruppen PuK und Wissensmanagement
KI24 und LWDA in Würzburg

Call for Papers

This workshop will bei a joint workshop of the SIG Planning/Scheduling/Configuration and Knowledge Representation within the AI group of the GI.

1) PuK:
Hosted by the special interest group “Planning, Scheduling, Design and
Configuration” within the Artificial Intelligence section of the German Gesellschaft für
Informatik (GI) the PuK workshop is the regular meeting of researchers and
practitioners interested in new developments regarding planning, scheduling,
configuration, and design. As in previous years the PuK workshop provides a forum
for the exchange of ideas, evaluations and experiences especially in the use of AI
techniques within the corresponding application and research areas. With the actual
hype in Artificial Intelligence applications the domains of planning, scheduling and
design also increase in interest. All topics of the PuK community are welcome, incl.:
- Practical applications of configuration, planning or scheduling systems
- AI Planning, Scheduling and Design in education
- Architectures for planning, scheduling or configuration systems
- Knowledge representation and problem-solving, e.g. domain-specific techniques;
heuristics; distributed problem solving; constraint-based techniques; iterative
improvement; swarm intelligence; and user-interaction.
- Learning in the context of planning, scheduling, and design.
So we like to attract practitioners presenting application systems as well as students
presenting results of their thesis and also like to discuss future directions of our area
of interest.


This is the annual workshop of the Special Interest Group on Knowledge Management (FGWM Fachgruppe Wissensmanagement). We encourage YOUNG RESEARCHERS to submit actual work to gain feedback. We invite RESUBMISSIONS to share ideas with the community (published as abstract).
Topics of interest include but are not limited to
• Knowledge Management – Theory and Applications
• Case-Based Reasoning and Experience Management
• Business Processes and Knowledge Management
• Semantic Technologies, Semantic Search, and Knowledge Graphs
• Combination of Knowledge Graphs and Large Language Models
• Multi-modal Knowledge Management
• Explanations in Knowledge Management
• Design and Evaluation of Knowledge Management
• Agent-oriented Knowledge Management and Knowledge-based Agents
• Practical Experiences (“lessons learned”)
• Interdisciplinary Contributions and Applications (e.g., industry, medicine,
mathematics, economics, ecologies, digital humanities)

Submission Guidelines
• Short Papers (up to 6 pages). Full papers (7 to 12 pages)
• Resubmissions (published as abstract)
All contributions must be submitted via EasyChair as PDF file, please select the track
“Wissensmanagement (FGWM)” when submitting your paper at:
The publication of the conference proceedings will be with CEUR Workshop
Proceedings (CEUR-WS.org). All papers must be formatted following the CEUR-WS

Special Interest this year is in work on Integration of technologies into large language
models and what is coined to the word "Generative AI".


01.07.2024 Papers/ Abstracts Due Date

31.07.2024 Notification of Acceptance

20.08.2024 Submission of Final
Documents (Papers, Presentations, Videos)

23./24.09.2024 Workshop PuK /WM

Workshop Co-Chairs

FG-PUK Co-Chairs

Jürgen Sauer
University of Oldenburg, Department for Computer Science,

Stefan Edelkamp
Computer Science Department. FEL/CTU in Prague.

FG-WM Co-Chairs

Dipl. Inf. Univ. Andreas Korger a.korger@angesagt-gmbh.de
Internet: www.angesagt-gmbh.de

Pascal Reuss
Institute for Computer Science, University of
Hildesheim, reusspa@uni-hildesheim.de


Hosted by Carl von Ossietzky Universität Oldenburg
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