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KI 2021 Berlin

PuK 2021

Berlin/Online, 28. September 2021


Program 28.9.2021

The Workshop will be held using BBB: t.b.a.





Jürgen Sauer



Stefan Edelkamp

Skat Olympiade


Lukas Malburg

Towards Adaptive Workflow Management by Case-Based Reasoning and Automated Planning


Maik Günther

Strategic Workforce Management. Approaches to Determine the Optimal Workforce


Rene Schumann

In the need of searching


Jürgen Sauer

Quo vadis PuK




The PuK workshop is the regular meeting of the special interest group on planning, scheduling, design and configuration within the AI section of the Gesellschaft für Informatik (GI). With the actual hype in Artificial Intelligence applications the domains of planning, scheduling and design also increase in interest.

As in previous years the PuK workshop brings together researchers and practitioners of the areas of planning, scheduling, design and configuration. It provides a forum for the exchange of ideas, evaluations and experiences especially in the use of AI techniques within these application and research areas.

The general topics of interest of the PuK community include but are not limited to:

-     Practical applications of configuration, planning or scheduling systems

-     Architectures for planning, scheduling or configuration systems

-     Knowledge representation and problem solving techniques, e.g.
domain-specific techniques; heuristic techniques; distributed problem solving; constraint-based techniques; iterative improvement; swarm intelligence; reactive techniques and user-interaction. 

-     Learning in the context of planning, scheduling and design. 


The practical use of the tools and techniques developed in the area of planning, scheduling and configuration is of special interest to the audience. Thus complete systems and application areas in which the approaches are used shall be highlighted.  This focus shall also help to attract the workshop to practitioners in the field, who are invited to present practical problems and to discuss their experiences, concepts, and ideas. It is also intended to stimulate a mutual exchange with the researchers on our common field's future directions. 

Besides this, all submissions regarding the general topics mentioned above are welcome.

This year we also plan a "Poster Session" consisting of short presentations (<5 min) of working groups and their research projects.

Please send a short recorded presentation, an Abstract, extended Abstract or full paper directly to the workshop organizers.


09.08.2021        Papers/ Abstracts Due Date

19.08.2021        Notification of Acceptance

12.09.2021        Submission of Final Docsments (Papers, Presentations, Videos)

28.09.2021        Workshop PuK (Online)

Workshop Co-Chairs

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Jürgen Sauer
Universität Oldenburg
Department für Informatik

eMail: sauer@uol.de

Prof. Dr. Stefan Edelkamp
Computer Science & Artificial Intelligence Center
Faculty of Electrical Engineering,
CTU in Prague

eMail: edelkste@fel.cvut.cz