The covers on this page are a few examples from my Danish postal history available for cash sale or trade with better Danish postal history 1875-1906.

Links to Danish postal history before 1875 or after 1906 for sale (Prices in DKK = ca. 0.17 US$).

Vareprøve 1926 (Samples without value special rate)
Sample wothout value showing the special 12 øre rate for this rare type of mail in effect from ********* to *********.
Fredericia langstempel (rare straight line canceller) Fredericia langstempel (rare straight line canceller)
Letter from Fredericia to Rendsburg sent during the short period in 1856 where the circular date cancel were sent in for repair. During the repair period, a straight line canceller was used. This is the latest reported use: 11/Nov/1856! A major cancellation rarity. DAKA 1999: 3800,- (This was a low net-price catalogue!)
Very early air mail letter
The early Air mail letter rate to Germany sent on the first regular air mail route during the first year. Rate: 60 øre per 20 gram.
2x2sk on letter to Rudkjøbing
2x2sk. 1864 on letter from Rudkjøbing. 2 sk. is not common from Rudkjøbing.
Very early Danish stationery envelope
VERY EARLY USE OF A DANISH STATIONERY. 4 sk. stationery envelope is the first issued Danish stationery and this one is used on the 6th day (06/Jan/1865).
Adressekort til Finland direkte fra Kbh. 144 ore
Parcel card sent to Finland 18/Dec/1911 showing the special 144 øre reduced parcel rate for parcels sent to Finland via direct ship from Copenhagen. This rute is very scarce.
Note that this parcel card is in excellent condition and completely unfolded, with is very difficult to find due to the large size of the international parcel card forms.
8 øre postcard rate to Iceland
Postcard to Iceland franked by 2x4 øre wawy-line sent via the Danish mailsteamer at the special reduced rate of 8 øre 01/Jul/1880-31/Dec/1907. One of the extremely few non-UPU special-treaty rates still in effect in 1907.
Postcard to Tasmania with 2x5 øre Chr.IX
2x5 øre Chr.IX on postcard to Tasmania. A very rare and sexy destination.
Officials on local insured letter!
2x15 øre official stamps on LOCAL INSURED LETTER! Very rare!
Cencored cover with 2x10 øre Chr.X sent to Italy during the first world war. Italian censorship on Danish covers is not common.
8 sk. tofarvet tryk 4 på brev
8 skilling printing 4 with 2 skilling on cover to Great Britain. Printing 4 is quite rare (single stamp not on cover catalogues 2800,-).

Do you want to see more? Here are more interesting and rare Danish postal history 1875-1906.

The stamps and covers on this page are a few examples from my excess material. Much much more via the links above!!

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