Links to Danish postal history 1875-1906 for trade (Prices in DKK = ca. 0.16 US$).

20 øre print 7 pos.26 pearl flaw on cover 20 øre print 7 pos.26 pearl flaw stamp
20 øre printing 7 positon 26 small pearl flaw on nice domestic parcel letter for parcel weighing 2 pounds. The rate was a basic fee of 12 øre plus 4 øre per pound = 20 øre 01/Jan/1875-30/Sep/1888. Printing 7 is scarce on cover, and in this printing only two stamps (pos. 26 and 69) had small pearl flaw
AFA 23Cy on cover AFA 23Cy stamp
4 øre watermark large crown (Vm.3) with inverted frame on cover (AFA 23Cy på brev). Rate: postcards to UPU member states: 20 øre 01/Jul/1875-31/Dec/1920.
Local AR-form
Complete 19th century AR-form (Modtagelsesbevis) FOR A LOCAL REGISTERED LETTER. Denmark had a special LOCAL AR-fee: 4 øre (half of domestic and international AR-fee) 01/Jan/1875-30/Sep/1902. A world class registered mail rarity!
12 øre print 1 on cover
12 øre printing 1 on cover to Norway. 12 øre print 1 is scarce on cover.
cut-out from stationery envelope on card
4 øre stationery envelope cut-out genuinely used together with 3 øre printing 7 on 3 øre stationery card sent to Vienna 06/Aug/1891. Crease in card upper right corner. Stationery cut-outs could be used on international mail from 01/Apr/1871 at least until the 1920'ies, but genuinely used cut-outs from envelopes are rare.
Special return envelope
Special return envelope used to return mail, which the Danuish postal authorities had to open i order to find return address information.
Adressebrev med 50 ører
Nice parcel letter franked by 4x50 øre bi-coloured.
Insured letter with recounting
Insured letter with re-counting fee franked with 2x100 øre etc.
letter with 2x3 ore
Standard UPU letter to Germant with 2x3 øre printing 18 etc.
Postopkrævning med single 20 øre
Domestic Cash On Delivery for 3.55 kr correctly franked by single 20 øre 1st printing with thick inverted frame.
pair 3 øre printing 7 on 4 øre stationery postcard
Pair 3 øre printing 7 (AFA 22a) on 4 øre stationery postcard
brevkort til DWI
Lower part of a local AR (Modtagelsesbevis) form.
brevkort til DWI
Postcard sent to the Danish West Indies. Unusual destination!
33 øres pre-UPU brev til Frankrig
Defective 33 øre pre-UPU letter to France. Pre-UPU øre-rates are very rare, since øre were introduced on 01/Jan/1875 and UPU rates was initiated on 01/Jul/1875. I paid 6000,- for the faultless cover, I have. This one you can get for only
4 øre printing 10 position B97
4 øre printing 10 position B97 on small 4 øre stationery postcard with border-variety. Nice!
100 øre printing 1 RM.2C on cover
100 øre printing 1 pos. 48 isolated skilling cliché RM.2C and 20 øre coat of arms with small corner figures (AFA 33) on parcel letter to Norway.
The first printing of the 100 øre is rare on cover, and parcel cards to foreign destinations are scarce. Cover is missing the upper left corner!! A complete cover would have cost 5000+.
Lille LUX brev til USA
Little superb cover to USA with very nice lapidar cancels "NYSTED".

3 øre in separated vertical pair with normal and inverted frame from printing 18 on parcel letter Parcel letter a bit wrinkeled Rate: 16 øre for parcels 0-2 pounds 01/Oct/1888 to 30/Sep/1902.

4 øre printing 2 INVERTED FRAME pos. A77 + normal frame position A76 on domestic letter. The rare stamp is damaged before being affixed to the cover.

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