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Surveys of domestic and foreign covers

25 øre single on registered FL of 23/2-1875.

Registered letter showing the special conversion
rules from skilling to øre that were used from
1/1-1875 to 31/3-1875. Six known examples.

A survey of Domestic Danish covers

Recently, I initiated a survey of domestic Danish covers franked by Danish stamps 1851-1906. The aim is to record all Danish domestic covers except the MOST common types. Thereby, the rarity of the different rates can be documented.

If you have ANY special domestic Danish covers from this period, please send me a photocopy or scan. This survey is inspired by fellow collector and researcher Kasten Jensen, Denmark, who has been surveying foreign destination covers for 20 years. If you have any special Danish covers to foreign destinations, you can also send photocopies/scans to me. Then, I will forward them to Karsten Jensen.

In exchange for scans of interesting covers, I will inform the sender about the rarity of his/her covers.

If you have any interesting material related to one of my collections, I am a very serious buyer! Please e-mail me on the address below.

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